What issues are important to you?

Before one can speak, it is important to listen. What issues are most affecting you and your family? I would like to hear from you, you can do so by visiting the contact page. Thank you.

Why I Am Running

I am running for state representative because I think we the people deserve nothing less than liberty and justice for all. Our government was created to serve us, we were not created to serve it. I will work hard for my community. I will attend every session so your voice will be heard in Concord. I have pledged to always defend the New Hampshire taxpayer, and I will oppose any broad-based sales or income tax. Together we can preserve the “Live Free or Die” spirit of New Hampshire.

Calvin beaulier

Jobs and Economy

  • Fight for the people of New Hampshire who are struggling with record high fuel and energy costs, unaffordable housing, spiraling inflation, shortages, and the aftershocks of a global pandemic and lockdown
  • Cut needless regulation and bureaucratic red tape to that stand in the way of a strong local economy and job market
  • Promote economic growth by making New Hampshire the best regulatory and tax environment in the country
  • Reduce legal obstacles to future jobs and technological innovation
  • Advocate for small and local businesses that are the backbone of our economy

Taxes and Government Spending

I have taken the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers Pledge to oppose new taxes.
  • Fight for the New Hampshire Taxpayer
  • Oppose broad based taxes such as a state income or sales tax
  • Maintain a sensible and balanced state budget without increasing taxes
  • Cut government waste
  • Work towards an efficient and transparent state government
  • Eliminate “corporate welfare” and any other taxpayer funded handout to big business


  • Keep our economy viable and respect civil liberties when making public health decisions
  • Find cost effective measures to address opioid addiction as a public health crisis, incarceration alone will not fix it
  • Reduce healthcare bureaucracy and promote price transparency as much as possible
  • Increase competition and choice in the healthcare market to bring down costs and improve quality of care
  • Empower individuals and families to make decisions regarding their healthcare needs


  • Acknowledge that parents are the ultimate decision makers and they should be provided with meaningful choices and information about their child’s education
  • Find ways to reduce the property tax burden without lowering education quality
  • Encourage a diversity of educational services and systems, education is not “one size fits all”
  • Keep schools safe by finding practical measures to address mental health, suicide, and bullying


  • Respect the New Hampshire Constitution
  • Protect the right of the people to bear arms for the defense of themselves and others
  • Hold government responsible to the people it was created to serve
  • Defend privacy protections
  • Fight against eminent domain abuse
  • End cannabis prohibition for responsible adults
  • Let communities and people decide rather than bureaucrats in Washington, DC or Concord
  • Hold government employees accountable when they overstep their authority or abuse their office
  • Preserve the “Live Free or Die” attitude that makes New Hampshire unique